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had a very good time, wine tour was the best part of the trip. Excellent guide and great tours of wineries, very good food for the breakfasts and lunches that were included. What an experience, not one other American the whole time and no English speaking people except the guide. Were on our own in the evenings and we did fine. Lots of tapas and walking around these ancient medieval towns. Fascinating. Very friendly people and even though no English very helpful when we needed assistance. My high school Spanish came
in handy.

All Euros everywhere, no point in taking any American money except to exchange no one took it even in big cities or at airports. ATM's everywhere and easy to use. Hotels did not do money exchanges there not big enough I guess, banks or ATM's only way. Even though told of pick pockets and thieves never had a problem and felt very safe physically everywhere we were any time of day or night. I would have even felt safe on my own as a single woman.

Tours on the cruise were great ie Rome, Florence etc and ship very pretty and nice but food was very mediocre (Royal Carribean). Was like eating at Holiday Inn, very standard fare and American food, steak every night on menu but no special sauces and very bland presentation, no special appetizers ordesserts. Would not go Royal Carribean again due to that. Also shows werenot as good as other cruises we have been on just a few acrobats and not much else.

Barcelona mostly just a big city but hotel you found was very good and very centrally located. Good service and good beds but what they call a restaurant is a bar with a few sandwiches and not much else, no one really ate there.So all in all a very interesting and exciting trip and we saw a whole different way of life which was good.
Thanks for all of your assistance and we will be in touch again.

This one is a couple from Oregon doing a 30 day trip to Europe including our 4 day Gourmet Wine Tour