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 Thanks for checking back with me, and thanks again for looking after the kids.  They had an absolutely incredible time in Ibiza.  Colin summed up the craziness in this way:  "Within 2 days of arriving, we lost one passport, two cellphones, and two voices!".  Apparently, both Claire and Caroline lost their voices from too much partying or trying to talk over the music!   because Kim and I leave for Greece late this afternoon, and the kids will be flying to meet us in the Athens airport tomorrow afternoon.  Caroline was able to fly from Ibiza to Barcelona, and she obtain a replacement passport at the US Consulate in Barcelona.

 Once again, great job Ramon.  I have on my list of things to do, to write you a very positive testimonial.

 We will see you again, and of course we will highly recommend you to any of our friends who travel to Spain.