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Spanish Wine Tours

Spain has a long history of producing great wines and on our gourmet wine tours you'll find out exactly why the country's produce is so popular.
Thanks to its abundance of grape varieties and its rich and diverse terrain, it is able to produce a fantastic array of wines that complement its delicious cuisine. Indeed, food and wine go hand in hand in Spain and are a major focus of our gourmet wine and culinary tours. As well as sampling produce from some of the country's most exciting winemaking regions, from Rioja in the north to Andalusia in the south, you'll also dine in traditional tapas restaurants, explore the country's local food markets and take part in Spanish cooking classes with celebrated chefs.

All of the wineries featured in our tours have been hand-picked for the quality of their produce, as well as their architecture and the experience they offer to visitors. You'll learn how Spanish wine is produced and hear all about its history. We also offer specialist wine tasting events and courses in beautiful settings such as castles and exclusive hotels. If you're feeling adventurous, we can also arrange horse riding tours of the vineyards or hot air balloon flights high above the Spanish countryside.

Visit Spain's major cities Madrid and Barcelona, where you can eat in Michelin-starred restaurants and taste exclusive wines. Or head to San Sebastian in the Basque Country, where you'll find more Michelin-starred eateries per inhabitant than you will in any other place in the world. Alternatively, why not travel to Seville for an intimate food and drink experience in the home of a private chef? Our gourmet wine tours feature an incredible range of gastronomic activities that will give you an unforgettable taste of Spain.



A country known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather and cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Seville, Spain is a fabulous place to visit on holiday - and it's likely to offer a something for everyone.

Indeed, those who look beyond the more mainstream attractions will quickly discover that Spain also offers enchanting landscapes, vast mountain ranges, imposing hilltop castles and charming villages with medieval architecture, tiny streets and vibrant markets.

Of course, there's also the delicious food and fine wines - and for anyone looking to experience Spain from a gastronomic perspective, then wine tours in Spain from The Unique Traveller could be perfect breaks and weekend getaways.

A taste of something new

On a tailor-made wine holiday in Spain, you'll have plenty of opportunity to visit wineries, take guided tours and, of course, participate in wine tasting wherever you go. You'll also find yourself in stunning settings and exclusive venues - like historic buildings, castles, luxury hotels and clubs. What's more, there are wine festivals and fiestas that take place throughout the year.

At The Unique Traveller, we carefully select every destination based on its range of wines, as well as the location's character, setting, architecture and historical or cultural significance.

Those who are inexperienced with wine tasting can get an introduction to the art, giving them a chance to understand how to appreciate fine wines. There's little doubt that by the end of your wine tour in Spain, you'll be well on your way to becoming a proper connoisseur.

Discover more with a visit to a wine museum

Whether you're sipping sherry like Barbadillo or Byass on an Andalucia wine tour, trying reds in Rioja - such as Lopez De Heredia and Remeriz De Ganuza - or tasting the tipples of other regions like Catalonia, Navarra and Basque Country, you'll learn even more with visits to wine museums.

These provide illuminating exhibitions, covering the history and heritage of the beverage, through to explanations of the different varieties of grapes and wine. You may also learn about the specialties of every region and the method for making the drink, from harvesting the fruit and preparing ingredients, through to aging and bottling.

In addition, during your wine tour in Spain, you will gain a strong understanding about the culture and architecture of the country, as well as the importance of its wine on a global scale.

Something to take home: wine crafts and souvenirs

Once you've learned about the cultural, historical and modern significance of wine and travelled across Spain enjoying the different flavours and varieties, a few souvenirs to remember your experience may be in order.

Bringing home a few bottles of your favourite vintages is, of course, one way to relive your Spanish wine holiday from the comfort of home.

Alternatively, you might want something more unique. Throughout your wine tour of Spain, you'll come across craftsmen and artisans who create stunning items - including furniture, trinkets and works of art that reflect the country's rich wine heritage.

Holiday in style with The Unique Traveller


It doesn't matter if consider yourself a wine expert or are a novice looking to gain a thorough understanding of the wine and wine making, a wine holiday in Spain from The Unique Traveller is sure to be a wonderful experience.

We offer unique tours tailored to your requirements, so you can enjoy the sights, sounds and flavours of beautiful Spain in a way that suits you.

We have a carefully selected list of hotels, holiday houses and chateaus throughout Spain, many of which are located right in the heart of winemaking countries, so you'll find yourself surrounded by vineyards and historic buildings. Some are even situated right in the wineries themselves.

To find out more about our wine tours in Spain, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You may also want to sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out about our latest news.