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Welcome to Catalonia, a vibrant and enthusiastically independent nation within Spain. With their own language, parliament and a distinctive literary and artistic tradition, Catalans have a strong sense of national identity which feeds a flourishing cultural tradition found only in this region. Join The Unique Traveller to explore Catalonia from historic, winding city streets to open skies and mountain valleys and sample some of finest food and wine the country has to offer.
Barcelona is one of Spain's most popular destinations with city breaks offered by virtually any major travel company. At The Unique Traveller however, we have something very different in store for you. Our local experts will show you Barcelona as they know it, epitomized by world renowned architecture and, of course, a fine gastronomic tradition.
The countryside of Catalonia ranges from jagged mountain peaks to lush green valleys and down to rocky coves and the placid Mediterranean. The varied landscape bears a rich assortment of local produce which are combined into delicious traditional dishes for you to discover, and even learn to prepare yourself.
Despite a longstanding tradition, Catalonia emerged relatively recently as an internationally acclaimed wine producing region and has been credited with leading a renaissance in Spanish wine production. The Unique Traveller's expert team will guide you to the finest producers and estates in the region, acquainting you with the diverse grapes and processes used. Your only worry will be how much you can take home with you!