About Spain


It is a land where fiesta follows siesta, where history, art and architecture combine with fascinating results, and where gourmet food and wine is found in abundance. Spain quite simply has it all. From the vast vineyards of the Rioja region and the breathtaking mountains of the Basque Country, to the bustling streets of Madrid and the drama of the Andalusian coastline, not to mention the trendy bars and restaurants of Barcelona, where football and architecture is revered in equal measure, visitors are spoilt for choice.

If you want to discover all that Spain has to offer, get in touch with The Unique Traveller now. No one else knows Spain as well as we do, and our tours are tailored exclusively for you.


For many people, Spain in synonymous with excellent food and wine, and at The Unique Traveller we can show you some of the country's many highlights on our unique gourmet tours.

Rioja is perhaps the best-known of Spain's wine producing regions, but there are many more, how about Priorat with powerful reds and Penedes in Catalonia where the ever-popular cava is produced, or Jerez in Andalusia, the home of sherry. We offer unique wine tours of the Navarra region, the Sherry region, Catalonia regions and the Montilla-Moriles region to name but a few. Our trips take in some of the country's top wine estates where you can sample an array of fine produce, each one hand-picked for the quality of their wines and the experience they provide for their visitors.

Of course, good wine should be accompanied by good food, and in Spain it's a way of life. Sample traditional tapas at a cosy village restaurant, shop for delicious fresh produce at a local market or learn innovative new recipes at a gourmet cooking class on our culinary tours of Spain. If it's haute cuisine you're after, you'll find plenty of choice in San Sebastian in the Basque Country, which has the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants per inhabitant in the world.


Spain's culture has been influenced by various civilizations over the years, from the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Romans to the Moors and the Renaissance Europeans. Famed for its exuberant festivals and its passion for the arts, it is seen as one of the cultural centres of Europe and a place where fast-paced fun and a relaxed way of life go hand-in-hand.

Our unique Spanish tours allow you to take in Spain's rich and varied culture, experiencing local and national carnivals and fiestas, as well as permanent artistic displays and long-standing traditions.

Discover the works of Spain's most prominent artists, from Francisco de Goya to Pablo Picasso, experience the fervour of flamenco, join the Easter celebrations in Seville or for a truly unforgettable experience, attend the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona and witness firsthand the running of the bulls.


Those who settled in Spain over the centuries not only helped to shape the country's cultural identity, but also the nation's architecture. Everywhere you go on our historical and architectural tours of Spain you'll see evidence of their presence, from the Roman Forum in Merida to the Cathedral and former Great Mosque of Cordoba. Some of the most impressive architectural marvels to be found in Spain include the Alhambra Palace complex in the Andalusian city of Granada, built by the Nasrid dynasty, and Antoni Gaudi's famed works in the city of Barcelona, which include the much-celebrated Sagrada Familia. There is a wealth of history to uncover on our bespoke Spanish tours. Indeed, the country is home to 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites, making it second only to Italy for its concentration of historical and cultural offerings.

But Spain is not a nation stuck in the past. For all its ancient secrets, it has many new stories to tell. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is just one of Spain's many admired works of contemporary architecture, and you'll discover lots more with The Unique Traveller.