Architecture & Culture Tours

Archways adorned with intricate Islamic script, rough stone monasteries hidden in fertile valleys, sky and river reflecting in titanium contours. The architecture of Spain is as diverse as it is breathtaking.

In what other country could an architect begin a project knowing he would never see it finished? Don't worry, my client isn't in a hurry, Gaudi said of the extraordinary Sagrada Familia Cathedral, God has all the time in the world.

The Unique Traveller's expert team have planned a selection of itineraries to show you the architectural wonders of Spain, and knowledgeable local guides to share the stories behind them. The Moors, Romans, Phoenicians and Greeks have all formed part of Spain's colourful history and the structures left behind are a part of their fascinating legacy.

As well as the ancient, you'll discover some of the finest Renaissance and Gothic style buildings in Europe and marvel at world renowned pieces of modern architecture. Along the way you'll enjoy tasting the finest food and wine of your chosen region, with a focus on traditional techniques and dishes.

As Gaudi also said, "man does not create, he discovers".