52 take a Tapas Tour of Madrid

From gazpacho in Andalucia and seafood paella on the Valencia coast to Crema Catalana served up for dessert in Barcelona – wherever you go in Spain you’re sure to be spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisine.

But in terms of gastronomy, top of the list of Spanish foods for many visitors to the country has to be tapas – small morsels or appetisers, which can be enjoyed as a snack, starter or as a meal in themselves.

And where better to enjoy these culinary delights than in Spain’s buzzing capital city?

Alongside its beautiful architecture, intriguing art galleries and exciting fiestas Madrid is known for its classic cuisine, making it an ideal destination for gourmet holidays in Spain.

Which is exactly what writer Sarah Maguire found when she embarked on a tapas tour of the capital, and discovered that gastronomy is the perfect way to get to know the city.

In an article on her experiences published in The Age, she wrote, “Spain is many things beyond its signature style of cuisine, and there has and will be much sightseeing during our five-day visit, but it is on a tapas crawl of Madrid that the insight into this sprawling, suntanned country, the land of the hanging jamon, feels at its most authentic.”

Although Madrid has more than its fair share of world-class restaurants, Sarah focused on traditional tapas bars and restaurants that have been in the same family for generations.

For those of us who are planning on visiting Madrid this year, culinary tours that take you down hidden streets and into traditional bars to enjoy tapas are a great way to really get a true taste of this fascinating city.

Opt for tapas favourites such as jamon or tortilla de patata, and be sure to wash it down with one of the delicious local wines for the perfect complement to your meal or snack.

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