Culinary trip in Spain


We can all agree that one of the best things about visiting Spain is getting the opportunity to indulge in delicious dishes and fine wines, either cooked up from fresh produce yourself or enjoyed in local restaurants and bars.

And with such a variety of traditional dishes and foods to enjoy ranging from gazpacho and paella to chorizo and tortilla, you can be sure never to grow bored of the gastronomy while enjoying holidays and weekend breaks in Spain.

But if you’re a big foodie and feel like being adventurous with your tastes, why not take some time out to explore some of the roads less travelled in Spain to and sample delicious local cuisine on culinary tours away from the crowds of tourists?

Spanish food expert Maria Jose Sevilla describes her ideal culinary road trip as starting in Asturiasbefore continuing north to Navarra to taste some of the best vegetables in the world

“I would then cross to Catalonia, from north to south, and progress south to Valencia where I would have some of the rice dishes, which are wonderful,” she continues.

“Maybe go across to Madrid, where you can also try things like roasted dates and suckling pig. Carry on a little further west to Extremadura to have some of the most stunning Iberico ham, unique to Spainand delicious.”

Although you may not have the time or energy (not to mention the stomach) to cover all these regions, planning a getaway to any of these destinations is sure to give you a great gastronomic experience.

And if you’re keen to soak up as much culture and experience as many tastes and flavours as possible, it can be a good idea to take a look at a map and plan a mini culinary road trip, like Maria has done.

Be sure to include regions and towns known for your favourite dishes, but also be sure to try and squeeze in places that boast impressive architecture and throw fun fiestas for the ultimate Spanish getaway.

Spain boasts some of the best food and fine wine in the world

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