Senorio De Otazu

Since the XV century the estate of Senorio de Otazu has been involved in the cultivation of grapes and the production of fine Navarra wines.

Intelligent cultivation of selective varieties of grapes and vinification of wines incorporating traditional methods has been an integral part of its history. Five centuries of wine making have proved that Senori­o de Otazu is fortunate to be located in an exceptional grape growing area.

The Bodega of Senori­o de Otazu is located in the Pamplona Valley, sheltered by the Rock of Echauri and the mountains of Sarvil and El Perdon. The wine cellar and vineyard (115 Hectares.) are positioned in a long established estate within 350 hectares of land on the left bank of the Arga River. Being the northernmost vineyard for red wines in Spain, it nurtures grapes with the special characteristics essential to allow the production of the highest quality wines.

The Otazu estate's soil is quite varied and sand and gravel soils predominate. Considerable scattering of stone pebbles in the soil ensures adequate permeability and filtration taking advantage of the seasonal rainfall by restricting loss of moisture through evaporation. The absence of salinity is also a useful feature of the soil. It rains in winter and spring and is bright and sunny in summer, ideal conditions for viticulture.

These soil characteristics and the temperature differences between day and night, contribute decisively to the high quality of the grapes. The special qualities of soil and In Señorío de Otazu, Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, all at the heart of Navarra's top wines, have been planted to make red wines; white wines are 100% Chardonnay. There are fifteen clones of red grapes and three clones of white grapes, so that their characteristics complement one another and permit winemakers an extensive palette from which to make subtle adjustments to the blends of their wines.

The old Bodega has been restored and a new one added. This new Bodega, using today's science is a combination of old and modern styles aimed at getting the very best from the ripe fruit selectively picked throughout the vineyards. It has all the latest state of the art technology for making grape juice, strictly temperature -controlled fermentation, ageing and bottling.

Between the wine fermentation area and the bottling area there is an underground structure of 3.600 square metres holding 2.000 brand new French oak casks, stacked on one level. The pioneering design of these wine vaults contrasts markedly with traditional cellars “ barrels lie gracefully side by side rather than being stacked in vertical lines.

The wine ages according to the clone it belongs to, so at the end of the ageing time, all the casks undergo further evaluation to decide how the various blends will be composed. In many respects this is the most critical stage of the whole wine making process. Aroma, colour, complexity, roundness and persistence on the palate are hallmarks of Otazu's wines and will always be identified with this Bodega.

The wine fermentation area has a holding capacity of 32 temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, and at busy vintage time all are fully employed.

The Bodega's wines, being of the highest quality, are made from their own grapes, carefully tended during the growing season and picked from the vines at just the right moment. Sorting takes place before the grapes enter the fermentation vats to eliminate poor and unripe, unsuitable fruit at the earliest moment.

All red wines are aged in brand new French oak casks, were they are carefully kept for at least one year, and stored under ideal conditions for several months in the bottle to encourage unhurried maturation. The special vintage wines are a special blend of the Estate's Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. 100% estate grown Chardonnay produces a young white, fermented in stainless steel tanks, and a more sophisticated vintage Chardonnay. This vintage wine is allowed to ferment in French Allied oak casks that produces a wine Otazu can with justice be very proud of.

Barrel fermented. Intense yellow with green hints. Complex nose of very fine smokiness, hints of peach pips, fresh butter and subtle notes of spices. This wine reveals touches of green apple skin interlaced with roasted apples and orange peel.

Bright purple – red with good depth. Balsamic, minty and chocolate notes on the nose. Full and powerful in the mouth with good tannins providing structure and longevity. Clean and persistent aftertaste with pleasant memories of sweet fruit.

Dark cherry red colour. Initial nose of paprika, dry earth and smoked bacon. Extraordinary complexity with tones of fine wood, salted meat and crunch dark fruit. Lingering flavours of ripe plums on the finish.

Limited edition of 10,000 bottles. Selection of the vineyards very best Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot. 100% aging in new French oak barrels. A wine which stands out for its complex character and extreme elegance.