Senorio de Sarria


Bodega de Sarria is situated in the heart of Valdizarbe, a geographic area between La Rioja and Bordeaux , a location chosen to offer the optimum conditions to nurture grapevines having top grade soils and a favourable climate.

Many centuries of history have witnessed the growing of vines on this land: the remains of wine-making activities according to Plinius' treaties were found in the area of Valdizarbe. In the 16th century, Juan de Azpilicueta, brother of Saint Francis Xavier, was the Lord of a palace in the "Senorio de Sarria" (or Sarria Manor) which was surrounded by vineyards. But it was not until the 20th century (1953), on the initiative of Felix Huarte, that the vineyards were properly planted.

Sarria has been a pioneer in the development of quality wines in Navarra and their home in Puente la Reina, 30km from Pamplona, is where two of the important pilgrim routes to Santiago meet at a beautiful 11th century bridge, giving its name to this town whose light and ambience recalls the Mediterranean. Charles III of Evreux, being enchanted by the beauty and fertility of this central part of his Kingdom, donated it to his beloved wife Lenore. These vineyards, watered by the River Arga, have witnessed the cultivation of vines for the past two millennia.

In addition to the 100 hectares of vineyards that surround the Bodega, stretching up the slopes of the Perdon mountain range, there are 50 hectares in Miranda de Arga, 50 hectares in Olite and just 10 hectares in Corella. All this land has been selected after intensive research to identify the best locations to produce the styles of wines that Sarria has perfected over the years.

Grape varieties selected form the vineyards are basically indigenous to this area and have tried and tested characteristics, vital if the winemaker is to achieve a consistent level of top quality. Tempranillo, Graciano, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot make the Reds and Whites stem from Chardonnay. Because Rose wines are so important in Navarra a substantial area of Garnacha grapes is cultivated. Each vine and planting location is picked with care to take advantage of the natural terrain and climate which encompasses light, humidity and daily temperature range appropriate to each variety.

Bodega de Sarria believes wine is the climax of a process which starts in the vineyards with the individual vine. Their strongest emphasis is placed on taking good care of each vineyard, enhancing its differentiating features. They select the best grapes on the vine, harvest them when properly ripe, and handle the bunches with care so that they arrive at the Winery undamaged.

Then the wine-making process starts with the pressing of the grapes and the temperature and oxidation controls employing up to date machinery and techniques All their skills and experience are used to extract and preserve the true aromas of the particular grape variety and to obtain the maximum concentration of polyfenoles.

For the ageing process, they choose the most appropriate wood for each wine, renewing it periodically so that the oak casks may contribute to the wine with the maximum amount of wood character. Last, they leave the wines to rest and clarify them through subsequent filtration before they are finally bottled.

Bodega de Sarria only bottles wines under the Navarra denomination of origin ( DO ) in order to ensure that its tipicity and character always reflect the reputation this wine growing region has earned over the years. The traditional line of Senorio de Sarria cask matured red, rose and white wines certainly defines Navarra the style, supported by the limited edition Vinedo selection made in exceptional vintage years. Each Vinedo bottle bears a number referring to the exact plot within the vineyard where the grapes were grown. This range comprises a fruit red with a light touch of oak, a highly defined rose and a white fermented in new French oak casks.

Bodega de Sarria's vineyards are the very pillars of their philosophy. They care about every plant, every plot and every vineyard to make magnificent wines from the very beginning of the process until the final bottles rest in their cool cellars.

Puente la Reina, the heart of the Pilgrim's Way of Saint James and a privileged area for the growing of wines, has always produced excellent wines and with a little enhancement from modern techniques, new quality heights are being reached by Bodegas Sarria.

SENORIO DE SARRIA CRIANZA - RED - A blend of cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo which is aged for a least one year in oak casks followed by several months in bottle. Intense and deep violet reddish colour. Aroma of toastiness with wild blackberries. Soft balanced acidity and tannins with long finish.

SENORIO DE SARRIA RESERVA - RED - Two years aging in French oak casks with a least one year in bottle before release. Ruby red colour with brick red shades. Hints of cloves and spices on the nose with a touch of fruits. Soft and intense with lengthy finish.

SENORIO DE SARRIA GRAN RESERVA- RED - Made from the finest grapes selected from the whole estate and only made in exceptional vintages. Three years in barrels with racking every six months. Two further years are spent resting in the cellars. Deep ruby red with intense aromas of truffles, cacao and exotic spices.