Torrijas Recipe, like every simple dish is delicious

Ingredients for Torrijas

Ingredients for 4 people: 1 l of milk olive oil ½ kg of honey ½ kg of sugar 8 eggs Slices of bread for ‘torrijas’

Preparation Torrijas

Torrijas. Cut a large loaf of bread for ‘torrijas’ in fairly thick slices (you can also use special ready sliced bread).Mix the milk and sugar in a deep bowl. Beat the eggs in a separate dish. Dip the slices of bread in the sugared milk and eggs and fry in a pan with boiling oil until golden brown. Then drain well.

Place the ‘torrijas’ on a serving dish and pour honey over them.It is also traditional to add the sugared milk to the serving dish so that the ‘torrijas’ soak it up and become more spongy.

Like many traditional dishes, torrijas reveal their humble origins, as they were a clever and tasty way to use up the remains of stale bread.

No wonder that torrijas are the quintessential sweet this time of year. As they are slices of bread soaked in milk, then dipped in egg, fried and then seasoned with sugar, syrup or honey, torrijas made it easier to put up with the prohibition of eating meat during Lent.

Newer versions of this traditional sweet have extended the list of ingredients and combinations: no longer just bread and sugar, but fried milk brioche, green tea with milk, chocolate and milk foam in the most cutting edge style. There are even bakeries that have invented a ‘teletorrija’ service: fast home delivery of torrijas ordered through social networks.

“Torrijas’, like every simple dish is delicious. Torrijas are nothing: pieces of fried bread with milk and sugar dressing.”

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