Iznajar – Natural Park

Whilst stereotypical images such sun, sea and sand may be true, in reality Andalusia is a land of diversity - as a result of a long and varied history with the distinctive cultures that have remained in different eras, Andalusian history is quite different to that of other parts of Spain. The Moors who ruled the region for almost 800 years named Andalusia al-Andalus and have left the most striking marks on Andalusian culture and customs. The glory of al-Andalus is visible in its landscape, artistic and cultural heritage and architectural monuments from the smallest villages to the extremely beautiful masterpieces of Mezquita of Córdoba, Alhambra Place of Granada and Cathedral of Sevilla. There are very few cities in the world that can compare with the seductive charms of these ancient cities.

Iznájar is a typical village of Moorish origin and stayed part of the Kingdom of Granada until the second half of the 15th century when Catholic Monarch Juan II conquered the village for the Kingdom of Castile. In 1468

Today Iznájar is known as a picturesque whitewashed village in the heart of Andalusia surrounded by stunning views of endless olive groves and the Natural Park known as the Sierras Subbeticas in the southern part of the province of Cordoba. Iznájar is perched on top of a rocky outcrop below a remarkable 8th century Moorish fortress overlooking the reservoir known as The Lake of Andalusia. This man-made lake was constructed in the 60s with a water capacity of 900 million cubic metres and the shoreline stretching over 100km over the provinces of Malaga, Cordoba and Granada.

It is an incredibly beautiful region and yet it is still relatively unknown. The rugged mountains, picturesque valleys, and a forest with mature Holm oaks, wild olives and maples providing a shelter for a variety of flora and fauna such as the wild cats, eagles, vultures and wild daffodils. Yet the major cities and UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Alhambra Place in Granada, Mezquita in the Jewish Quarter in Córdoba are within easy reach, making this village a perfect base to enjoy the cultural and historical wealth of the region.

Some visitors come to Iznájar for other reasons. Walkers, bird-watchers, water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, for fishing, canoeing and kayaking, for pure relaxation or to explore and to discover something new. And if you are interested in doing something different or getting more from your holiday, here is what may interest you.