This is a charming small town half way along the road from Pamplona in the north to Tudela in the south of Navarra. Centred around a pedestrian precinct and small square it is dominated by a castle built by the kingdom of Navarra and given a French flavour by French architects during a period of their occupancy in the 14th century. It has a powerful presence with several slender towers and substantial battlements dominating the town and countryside around.

Olite has long been the hub of the wine business thanks to the enological station and offices of the Regulating Council, but a growing number of Bodegas have focused even more attention here. There is a lovely old Parador with a good dining room and a few other boutique hotels and good restaurants with the inevitable Tapas Bars and cafes,

The altitude in Olite is 400 metres [1,230 feet] and the climate reasonably mild except when the winds blow down from the Pyrenees. For visitors an interesting excursion would be to San Martin de Unx and Ujue a small hilltop town just beyond. The view as you approach is of a symmetrical hill with an old Monastery and small fortress on top. To experience some of Real Spain drive in through the arch to the tiny Plaza Mayor, park and walk up. Olite and the surrounding area is well worth visiting.