Vejer is the ideal place from which to explore the Atlantic Costa de la Luz (the Coast of Light) & the 'sierras' of Cadiz. Walking, bike riding, trekking, bird watching, painting, Cape Trafalgar, seafaring Cadiz, long empty beaches, quiet palm filled plazas, the sherry bodegas of Jerez, windsurfing, horse riding through pine forests, a day trip to Tangiers, sunset drinks on the hotel terrace, magical white towns... all this & more is a daily experience at La Casa del Califa.

The beaches form part of the Atlantic 'Costa de la Luz' (Coast of Light) and for the most part are uncrowded & undeveloped. Sandy coves, long stretches of white sand & sheltered coves are typical here. The closest beach to the hotel is 12km. away at El Palmar. Trafalgar Bay & the coves of Los Caños de Meca are just a 15km. drive or bike ride. The nearest Nature Reserve (Parque Natural de la Marismas de Barbate) is just 2 km. away while the Marine & Pine forest reserve of the Parque Natural de La Breña y los Acantilados is 5km. away. The closest entrance to the Alcornocales Natural Park is 25km. from Vejer.

From many parts of Vejer the lights of the Bay of Tangiers can be seen at night & the rocky buttress of Djebl Moussa (one half of the mythical 'Pillars of Hercules') is an almost everyday sight from the town ramparts. Built with defense in mind Vejer stands at 200m. above sea level with commanding views towards the inland mountains ('sierras') of the Alcornocales Natural Park and towards the Bay of Zahara & the distant Straits of Gibraltar.

The narrow winding streets, whitewashed facades and monuments have stood the test of time. A 12th.C. native of Vejer returning now would have no problem guiding himself around the town. He would even find the old prayer minaret although a Visigoth church has long since replaced the mosque. Vejer de la Frontera was declared a national monument of 'Historic, Cultural & Artistic' importance in 1978.